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Our Incredible Trip in Australia

Our Incredible Trip in Australia

Hello, every body! Welcome on our blog! We created this blog to tell you our trip in Australia. We are three friends : Coline, Léa and Thomas. We decided to go in Australia because we worked on Australia in English and we wanted to discover this country!!! So, here is our logbook! Good reading and don’t hesitate to like or comment!!!

Day 21: COME BACK! NO! Day 21: COME BACK! NO! It was the last day in Australia, today I remember how we were sad. The plane had taken off early in the morning ( 5 am) and the route it was made in serveral stop, and to arrive in finally to Paris after 22 hours to fly... To conclude this trip, we don't... Lire la suite
Day 20 Day 20 Last day before we left Australia. We choose to walk about the street to the city and take our time for doing the shopping and buy some memories for us and our family. We took a coffee the evening in front of the setting sun (Ps: Thanks Thomas for your... Lire la suite
Day 19 Day 19 Last destination: Adelaide. It’s the state Capital to South Australia live by One million and two hundred people, formerly the aborigines of the tribe to Kauma live here. We visited The Art Gallery of South Australia (AGSA), situated on the boulevard... Lire la suite
Day 18 Day 18 In the second day in Melbourne we decided to visit a monument for the dead man in the first world war. This place was very moving. What had us must to mark was the number of the grave. This place is to call Shrine of Remembrance. I remember that there... Lire la suite
Day 17 Day 17 In Melbourne, we went to the reserve of Healesville. It is situated has 65 km of Melbourne. In the reserve we saw many animals for exemple koalas, eagles and other Australian animals. Coline had even played with a koala it was too cute. We spend all day... Lire la suite
Day 16 Day 16 The last day in Canberra, Thomas decided for us to go to the Australian War Memorial because he loves history about WAR. It is dedicated to the memory of all the members of his armed forces and the bodies of support which died or participated in the wars... Lire la suite
Day 15 Day 15 The second day in Canberra, we looked visiting places and finally we opted to visit the National Museum of Australia. The latter takes care to preserve and explain the social history of Australia, to explore the main stakes, people and events which shaped... Lire la suite
Day 14 Day 14 After Sydney, we went to Canberra, the capital of Australia. We decided to go to visit the National Gallery of Australia for discover the aboriginal art. It was unbelievable because it was thirteen art gallery which expose nowadays more of 7 500 work... Lire la suite
Day 13 Day 13 We got up early to do many visits because Sydney is a big and rich city with famous monuments ... The morning, after the australian breakfast, very good, we have visited the boat of the captain James Cook. He was a British navigator and explorer who discovered... Lire la suite
Day 12 Day 12 The morning, we are left to go to Sydney. In first, we saw and visited the opera of Sydney, it is located in the port. It’s one of the most famous buildings in Australia. To see the opera, it’s as in dream. It looks like a sailboat or a shell. It was... Lire la suite
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